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Catching Up

Embarrassingly, I have not posted in quite a while. There’s really no viable excuses, but I must say that I have had a lot going on lately. But while I have been running in different directions, God has been at work… I absolutely lost my breath on Monday morning, April 29th. It began with a […]


CD Title

Hi there! I thought I’d give you all a quick update and let you know that ‘Project 2013’ now has a tentative title! Unless the Lord leads in another direction, the CD will be titled ‘The Plan You Have For Me’. Please keep praying for our project and that the Lord would lead others to […]


Financials to Date

As we pursue our ministry project, I want to keep all supporters informed of our financial stewardship. From time to time I will post a current financial statement. So, here is your first financial update: My initial investment: $ 500.00 Donations received: 1,085.00 Total Operating Funds: $1,585.00 Less PayPal Fees: (23.38) Less Valley Printing (Photos): […]


Project Schedule

A question was posed to me yesterday concerning the desired time frame for receiving donations. I haven’t really talked a lot about that issue, so I thought I’d take a moment and give everyone an idea of what we are looking at in terms of project schedule. First and foremost, we understand that we are […]


Much Needed Vacation

I didn’t talk about it online, but my family took some much needed time off this past week. With everything that has been going on lately, my mind was in frazzles. It gave me a great opportunity to slow down and share some quality time with Janice and Garrett. I received a special gift when […]


A Great Start

We are off to a great start! Our website has been up and running for only 8 days, and we are well over 25% of our goal! What a blessing! Those that know me well are very aware that I have never been good at asking people for help. So, this is a very humbling […]

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