Boy, a lot has happened during the first month of 2014!  Here’s a quick look at some of the highlights:

We have delivered CDs to those who financially supported ‘Project 2013’. It was quite a challenge to deliver the CDs in the most efficient and economical manner, but we finally got the task completed!  We really, really appreciate our supporters!

We are dedicated to helping the songwriters who helped us by allowing their songs to be used on ‘The Plan You Have For Me’.  With that said, we had the opportunity to pitch those original songs to three major players in the Southern Gospel/Country Gospel music industries!  That was very exciting!  Even if none of the songs are chosen for any other artists’ projects, it’s a blessing to know that our writers’ songs are reaching some very influential ears!

Finally, we were blessed to have ‘The Plan You Have For Me’ reviewed by Rick Sharp, music reviewer for the Alabama Baptist newspaper.  We originally thought that he was going to give us a critique to use on our website.  We were pleasantly surprised when Bro. Rick sent us an email to let us know that his review would appear in the Alabama Baptist’s music review section!  The publication is circulated throughout the state of Alabama, along with parts of Florida, Georgia, Tennessee & Mississippi!!  Through Bro. Rick’s review, we are reaching more people that we ever imagined!  It’s amazing to see how God takes our meager little goals & notions and simply blows them out of the water with His unlimited power and awesome plan!

Please be sure to keep spreading the word about our websites and our ministry.  We hope to add an area to our page soon to officially announce the partnership between our ministry and Bro. Jordan Lollar.  This new venture will seek to provide evangelism services throughout our area for revival meetings and special services.  Please continue to remember us all in prayer as we seek to follow the Lord’s will in our ministries.

God bless y’all