It’s official…my plate is full and spilling over the sides! I regret that I haven’t kept this blog more current, but I have so many things going on right now that it slips my mind, to be honest.

The fact that I have so many things in the works is a blessing indeed! We are working diligently to begin networking with churches and pastors in order to take our ministry into new areas. We are also working on promotional materials to send out in mailings to prospective churches. A t-shirt is currently being designed for our ministry, and we hope to be able to order a few shirts in order to help spread the word about us. Finally, we are moving full speed ahead on the development and promotion of our joint evangelism ministry with Bro. Jordan Lollar called FTF Ministries. You can find a lot of information about FTF Ministries at

Again, we appreciate all of the support that we continue to receive. We have nearly 250 ‘likes’ on Facebook now, and that’s awesome for small town ministry that is relatively new. We appreciate the help that you all give us by helping us promote the ministry on Facebook and Twitter. Please continue to help us spread the word! You are a blessing, and we could not do this without you!