Well, I’m obviously not giving time and attention to this blog like I’d love to do. Life seems to be moving at an incredibly fast speed these days, and I’m falling further and further behind! I’m thankful for my family, my ministries, my church, my job, and all of the other wonderful opportunities that the Lord blesses me with…but sometimes it feels like I’m trying to take a sip of water out of a fire hydrant!!!

I thought I’d give you a quick update on our ministries. We continue to give our ‘The Plan You Have For Me’ project away whenever we have the opportunity. It has been given away in Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Mississippi & Texas thus far. That’s awesome!! Thanks to the blessings of a few awesome supporters, we have been able fully pay off all of our equipment and marketing supplies. Again, that’s AWESOME! We continualy see confirmation from the Lord that we are in His will in this ministry through the way He sends others to come along beside us and support us. It’s very humbling, and it’s a blessing.

We recently were blessed with the opportunity to lead revival services at Springhill Baptist Church in Millport, AL, in partnership with Jordan Lollar through FTF Ministries. It was an awesome series of services and we thoroughly enjoyed our time with the wonderful members of SBC. We hope to be able to return and worship with them in the future.

In terms of future plans, we are praying about producing another recording project. For now, the vision of this project is for it to be a ‘commercial’ project; in other words, we would plan to sell this project in order to fund additional ministry ventures. Unless God changes the direction, the new project will be more ‘Southern Gospel’ in style than our first project. Another vision is for much of the project to be produced ‘in house’. I am blessed with several friends and family members that are outstanding musicians, and I hope to utilize their talents for the music tracks. I also hope to be able to acquire a few pieces of recording equipment that will allow me to do much of the track and vocal recording in my basement studio. It’s exciting to think about, but it is also very intimidating because I vividly recall how much time the first project took to produce. I remember how stressful it was, too. But, I know that if it is the Lord’s will for this project to be produced, then He will provide all that is needed for it to become a reality…just like He did in 2013!

I will keep you updated on the status of the possible project as more information becomes available. Please help us pray for His direction to be revealed to us as we pray. Also, please pray for the Lord to send us a few original songs for the recording. And finally, please pray for His provision for the equipment cost and the mixing & duplication costs that will need to be covered for the project.

Finally, please pray for our evangelism ministries as we continue to seek opportunities for Scott Bouldin Ministries and FTF Ministries. We pray that the Lord will give us more opportunities to preach His word and minister through worship evangelism in the near future. Also please remember to share our ministries with others. By directing others to our websites and social media presences, you can help us minister to other churches and communities. We couldn’t do this without you, and we are very thankful for the blessing of your support! We love ya!

Until next time, may God bless you always,