In 2013, we embarked on an amazing journey as the Lord gave us a vision for a ministry project, and then provided every resource to transform the vision into a reality. We would love for you to visit our ‘Project 2013’ pages below to learn more about our incredible journey…


  • The Lord gave us a clear vision on why He was leading us to create our project, and He gave us clear direction on how He would use others to help us fund the project. Please click the link below to discover the entire story of our journey.

‘Project 13 Backstory’


  • ‘Project 2013’ was made possible through the financial support of many wonderful people that God sent our way. As a reward to our supporters, we promised to recognize their support on our website if they reached a certain level of support. Click on the links below to visit our ‘Thank You’ pages for ‘Project 2013’.

‘Thank You’ page for supporters who gave at least $50.00

‘Thank You’ videos for supporters who gave at least $75.00


  • We also attempted to share our experience in the recording studio by posting several videos through the tracking & vocal recording process. You can view those videos by clicking the link below.

Videos from our trip to Echo Sound Studios, Pensacola, FL


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