Main Room – SBM Studios

SBM Studios is a dream that God made a reality. Through His provision and the teamwork of several SBM Board Members, friends and family, the studio was built from scratch from a design drawn on a piece of paper. The studio is sectioned into five areas: a control room, a small vocal booth, a larger main recording room, a keyboard cove, and a drum room/extra vocal room.

The studio is fully equipped to meet most recording needs, utilizing Studio One Professional DAW software. Although the studio is relatively new and the SBM team is still learning the ropes in digital recording, several projects are ongoing. The studio is ideal for soundtrack recording, vocal group recording, podcast production, and commercial radio marketing production.

The vision for SBM Studios is to provide a resource for Christian recording for local, rural ministers and artists. We pray for God to use it for His glory! If you have an interest in possibly utilizing SBM Studios’ facilities, please contact us via email (

SBM Studios Podcast Production